Why I'm Running


The Town of Huntington will ALWAYS be my home.

We face extremely tough challenges right now and I believe we need to have people in local office that will make our Township affordable for everyone who wants to live and stay here. High property taxes and rising rents have been displacing our neighbors for too long. We must create decent housing for our young people, working families, and seniors to ensure we can have a thriving and sustainable community. I am running for Town Council to create the needed change our community has been wanting to see. We can build a better Huntington.

I am not afraid to take on special interests, from real estate developers to fossil fuel companies.

If we all work together as a community, our small businesses can
rebuild from COVID-19, we can fix the housing crisis for working families, we can fight climate change to ensure we are habitable for our kids, and we can bring smart development to our Township.

I am running to be a problem solver, to solve the problems the Town has been facing for years.

It doesn’t matter if you're Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative, if you support our campaign, I can assure you I will hear you and work with you, so that you and your family are able to thrive in our Town. We must put people over politics and people over profits. This campaign is not just about electing me to the council. This campaign is ensuring everyday residents of the Town will have a seat at the table, not just the politically connected or wealthy campaign contributors.