Housing for Young People, Working Families, and Seniors

Long Island is a notoriously expensive place to live, and luxury developers throughout our Town have only exacerbated that problem. Too often housing is not affordable for young people, seniors, and working families. Here is my plan to address this challenging issue.


1. Expand Legal Apartment Accessory Permits in the Town of Huntington.


2. Change zoning laws to allow property owners to propose housing projects and other uses for abandoned bowling alleys, strip malls and big-box stores. This will help communities recover from COVID-19. We have a situation now where many young adults are living at home, but many are not thinking of staying at home in Huntington. It’s important to create quality housing for young people, so we can grow our township and ensure we have a sustainable economy in the future.


3. Evaluate land owned by the town and create housing for young people/seniors/ working families that provides a decent standard of living.


4. Lobby the federal government and elected officials to bring back state and local aid to deliver for our small businesses.


5. Ensure that Fair Housing Laws are followed by landlords and realtors.


6. Update sewer infrastructure and switch out septic tanks.


7. Hold true to my Homes Guarantee pledge and fight for affordable housing as a human right.

Investing in our Small Businesses & Community


Small businesses in our community were hit hard by COVID-19, and I have plans to help them bounce back.

1. One way to increase foot traffic and help our village to recover after COVID is to ease permit restrictions and facilitate and enable pop-up retail and restaurants that require shorter leases and lower up-front costs.

2. Zoning should support pedestrian-oriented districts that include a mix of small and large commercial spaces, and that preserve historic buildings.


3. Encourage “Shop local.” Encouraging shopping online with local businesses by building the HuntingtonBiz app which connects Huntington residents to local businesses and offers points that lead to discounts.


4. Invest in workforce training programs aimed toward future economic activity.

Such as sustainable energy, sustainable farming and the cannabis industry.


5. Give Huntington based small businesses the first right for RFPs.

6. Cannabis has been legalized in New York, and I will do everything I can to ensure our Township can reap the benefits and revenues of storefronts that open in our community. I will reject corporate franchises opening and will encourage local small businesses to be on the forefront of this new enterprise. We must ensure some revenue is going back into communities of color who have been directly targeted by the failed war on drugs.



 As the COVID-19 pandemic seems to be coming to an end, we must finish strong

and ensure that vaccines are in arms, and vulnerable people are still protected.

1. Create vaccine hubs located in low-income areas of our township. We can not allow a situation where we have a major disparity with who is getting the vaccine.


2. Free distribution of masks and other PPE in low income areas of the Town

3. Create a system where healthcare workers can give the vaccines to seniors at their homes for those who are immobile.

Create a Green/Sustainable Huntington

Huntington can lead long island as the most environmentally friendly municipality. I am ready to take progressive and bold actions to fight climate change on a local level. Our children and descendants deserve to see the same beautiful Town we have today.

1. Retrofit all municipal buildings with solar panels and other sustainable energy options.


2. Expand tax incentives when possible and ease permits to install solar on every viable roof in our Township.


3. Create a Town-Wide composting program to ensure we are on track for zero waste.


4. Make every streetlight in the Town of Huntington LED.


5. Have a Citi bike type program located in Huntington/Northport/Cold Spring Harbor, as well as ensure that our town roads are safe for bikers and pedestrians.


6. Encourage residents to use more eco-friendly alternatives.


7. Invest in Hydrogen Powered or Electric Bus to revamp the HART Bus program.


8. Mandating green roofs for all buildings such as vegetation, solar, or wind turbines on all newly constructed buildings 25,000 feet or larger. As well as offer incentives for buildings that are smaller who do this.


9. Ban Roundup products/toxic pesticides on Town parks and properties.


Paid for by * funding through grants and federal funding.

Improve Our Parks


Huntington is beautiful and our parks should reflect it. I plan to make our parks greener,

more accessible, and cleaner for residents.

1. Model the Dix Hills parks by adding fitness machines at some of our parks designated for adults and seniors in our township.


2. Make sure we have ADA compatible park equipment for residents.


3. Ensure parks in lower income areas are receiving the proper upkeep and maintenance.

Streetscape Projects:

1. Will have a comprehensive approach to ensure curbs and sidewalks are fixed throughout the Township.


2. Ensure we are planting trees in areas where they have been depleting.


3. Analyze the Highway budget to ensure funds allocated to fixing roads are being utilized.